Friday, November 12, 2010


So today is my seventh grade flute exam... =( Needless to say I am really not looking forward to it, but I will be very relieved when it's over. It's also almost completely solo, with only one sonata with piano, so there is alot of pressure...
There is good news though. Yesterday I finished year 11. That means that after exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week I will never have to wear school uniform again!!!

On another note, here is my Tumblr. If you also have Tumblr, please follow me and I will return the favour. (VW...)
Oh, and my music myspace page. I hardly ever use it and all the songs are .mid, converted to mp3 so theu sound awful!!! However, go and have a listen anyway. =)
I'm considering re-colouring my hair. Again. It never stays black for longer than a few months, and I generally spend my money on CD's... so, yes, my hair is currently a shade of chocolate brown... I'm interested in bleaching a section and doing a Manic Panic type thing to it... but that's just a thought...

And... not much else. I'll write something more substantial soon.

xxxx Lilly
Listening to Amanda Palma- Guitar Hero

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