Sunday, November 21, 2010

Diversity in Music

I've noticed that there seems to be a fair amount of negativity towards Goths who also actually listen to music that isn't Goth. This is absoutly crazy and insane.
As a musician I understand the huge benefits of listening to a broard and diverse range of music. That doesn't however explain why some people, including Goths, believe that a person is 'not Goth' becuase they for example also listen to metal.
This happened to me about three months ago. I was in one of the numerous Gothy stores in Melbourne. (Peril Underground, which would potentially be more of a Punk store, but had some delicious Victorian and Steampunk pieces of clothing. Yum. The store is also a music and apparall store and a tattoo parlour.) Anyway, I bourght the Voltaire CD Then and Again. There was an older Goth (I'm not sure if she was an Elder Goth or just a fair bit older than me) who was paying for her CD. "Voltaire?" She raises her eyebrows at me and looks as if I was wearing kahki green cargo pants and a bright yellow T shirt. "Yeah." I reply in my quite voice. *Another Tangent* The store in question was in fact the store that Voltaire performed in August, which I was incredibly lucky to see. XD. The store owner obviously had something to do with the guy as a result.*
"Did you see him perform?" Asked the owner.
"Um, I saw him down here was my reply."
And then all of a sudden the woman was like "Oh yeah he's such a good entertainer."
Well, I was confused. I had thought that the lady was critisising my taste because Voltaire was "Not as Goth" as her superior taste in music. (which is absolutly ridiculous, if you ask me)
I left the shop with two conclusions. One: I had simply misread her expression and she was just making conversation. Or Two: She has a mild case of Gothier than Thou and she felt that I didn't deserve to be in her deep dark presence...
But the main point of the story is that it is really imporant to appreciate different styles of music, and to not judge someone because of their tastes. I'm fully awear that Goth is what it is because of the music, but that will not stop me from listening to bands like Rapskallion, or Nightwish, Tom Waites, or even bands like The Cat Empire, which I do listen to. I am a classical musician so it is understandable that I would not be in the stage I am now without listening to a Hell of a lot of 'Classical music'.
I still regard classical music as one of my favourite styles of music of all time. Particularly Classical (as in the period), and Romantic music. There will also always be space in my soul for Celtic music, because that was my introduction to music performance (about ten years ago when I was seven...)
And jazz. Yes, Jazz. I used to want to be a professional Jazz pianist, a few years ago. I don't anymore.
And I love my Industrial. Love Love Love!!!

In a nutshell, for God's sake please do not judge a person on their music preferences, regardless of whether you believe that music is a defining part of whatever group they belong to or not. There are x number of music styles and sounds, so it would be almost impossible for another individual to have the same tastes as you. Also, it is important to have a broad and varied apprecation for music because everything you listen to enhances your ability to understand and enjoy more music.

Wow, that was quite an effort for 10am on a Sunday...

xxxx Lilly
Listening to... nothing because my sister is asleep in the next room.


  1. Definitely agree! I listen to everything, a lot of it wouldn't be considered 'goth'. People expect me to listen to metal or only rock music and I love the look on their face when I tell them I listen to a lot of rock, but I love country music, haha.

  2. I'm glad that there are some genuine real humans in this little Goth community online who are open and interested in different sorts of music... =)