Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Philosophical Adventures

Good evening all. I hope things have been treating you well enough. I've slowly been getting on top of my assignments and uni work, but there's so much, I've barely had the time to relax and draw, let alone continue to publish on my blog!
And, rather than do my usual 'cannot-think-of-anything-to-write-so-post-a-whole-lot-of-other-peoples'-photos'  mentality that I tend to possess on my usual Sunday night writings, I decided to simply write an introduction. Later in the week, when this horrible headache fades and I'm feeling more creative, I'll finish this post, but in the mean time, I'll let things breathe. Please just think that, while you're reading these words, that there was between one and seven days inbetween the phrases, and think about everything that both you and I have achieved or learnt in that amount of time. I'm sure you will suprise yourself, as I will myself.

Goodnight, and 'too be continued...'


 Now Tuesday evening at 10:00pm, not a lot has really happened. It seems strange to be posting now, when I have a headache ever so slightly and feel a little vague; I just had to stop my flute practice half way through as my brother had gone to sleep, but I felt like I was 'in the zone' and now feel slightly flat. Anyway, tonight after my lecture and choir rehearsal I had a lovely glass of mulled wine and some popplers, sorry, I mean fried squid in a gorgeous bar (with red velvet couches!) before heading home.
Last night, however, I saw The Dark Knight Rises for the second time in a theatre with my boyfriend and his friend, and had my first glass of French champagne. I am more partial to red wines, but oh my goodness this drink was nectar from the gods. So delicious and complex. On Friday I shall be attending a burlesque evening, so that shall be very exciting and charming.

Goodnight again, my dear friends. Please share your charming adventures as well in the comments.


xxx Lilly


  1. The images are magical. I have always loved forests, autumn leaves and fields of bluebells, although I have never had the chance to experience the latter. one day...

  2. Thanks, Laura. I agree, although Australian bushland is not quite the same, it has it's own beauty though.

    Also, Thanks MK, but of course they're not mine. I found them on Tumblr. =)