Thursday, January 20, 2011

Australian Goth surviving summer- part two

So here's my follow up to this post in which I described the eventful summer that had happened so far.
Well, now my summer has almost come to an end, with the exception of a few weeks filled sorting though textbooks and flute practice.

In any case, the summer events that were not experienced when I wrote the other post were... well, eventful.
Christmas was... actually pleasant, which I was surprised at becuase I was dragged off to go to at least two gatherings with old family friends while I was sick. (I always seem to be sick these days... oh well.)
A few days me, my sister and my dad trekked up to north east Victoria where I grew up to go to the Nariel Creek Folk Festival. Yes, another folk festival. That would mean, including last years Nariel, I have been to six folk festivals in 2010, and I'm not even into that sort of culture...
Nariel streched out to January the first, and included, well, lots of alcohol and drunken dancing (not by me though.....=P)
After Nariel i stayed at my boyfriend's house and we basically just recovered. Then it was the 1400+ km, 18 hour drive up to Brisbane, Queensland. I'm a pretty terrible traveller, and long distances kill me, so I wasn't in the best of moods by the time we arrived in Brisbane the next day. It was roasting hot all the way up there, but the whole time we were in Brisbane it rained.
Then there was the 'fun' (actually, scary and traumatising) journey down...

Tangent- You may have heard of the devestating floods that have been accross eastern Victoria, primarilly in Brisbane. The death toll as I last heard it was around 12, but I'm not completely sure. There has also been flooding in New South Wales and Victoria.
We left Brisbane only the day before the horrific flooding, and some of the roads has be washed away and were closed, much to our annoyance.

On the evening of our first day back down (Yes, it takes at least two days. Three days if you don't push yourselves...) we were driving along the north east coast of New South Wales after stopping in Nimbin (which is essentially a Hippy Town that my boyfriend wanted to see. I think it is a fake and pointless thing, but I guess my boyfriend would feel the same way about somewhere like Whitby...) at around eleven at night going over hills with the rain along a rather infamous road called Waterfall Way. To make matters worse, there was also thick fog, landslides, real watefalls onto the road and road work...
I was exhausted by that stage, but, needless to say, I was wide awake through the whole ordeal.
Afterwards, I fell asleep, but was shortly informed afterwards about some seriously scary caravan drivers who were following us. Creepy!

The rest of the Queensland journey wasn't overly interesting... which was a bit of a relief, especially for my boyfriend who did ALL the driving (because none of us have our full licence yet... I don't even have my learners.... =S)

Since then, we celebrated my boyfriend's ninteenth birthday, and I have been  playing flute and doing my holiday homework.... which hasn't been very fun, but it has been nice to just chill out at home for the past week.

Oh, and here is a beautiful photo of a tiny cemetary we stopped in on the way. There were only about forty graves in the cemetary and some were almost a hundred years old...

It's horribly compressed, which is unfortunate...

xxxxxx Lilly

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