Friday, July 19, 2013

Lush Review: Let the Good Times Roll

As many of you know, I have an unhealthy addiction to Lush. I am slowly getting back in to control over my Lush obsession, however two products I recently purchased were the Limited Edition Christmas in July products Snow Showers and Let the Good Times Roll. Snow Showers is an orange cocktail scented shower jelly and I love that.

But the product that I was more concerned about performance-wise was the Roll. LTGTR is a roll cleanser that reminds me of Angels on Bare Skin, but the texture is creamier and smoother. If you have used AOBS before you would sort of know what to expect, but in my opinion LTGTR is actually a lot better. It has a caramel scent that actually smells edible! If you have a sweet tooth (Ironically I don't really have much of a sweet tooth, but I adore salted caramel oh so much) then you would love the scent! Also, it's slightly cheaper than the usual roll cleansers for the same amount of product in grams.

I find using this product in the shower is the easiest and least messy, as you need quite a bit of water to wash off the product. However you do need to be careful as this product doesn't have any preservatives, so contact with moisture will result in the growth of bacteria and possibly even moulds. Eeeek!
Anyway I actually wouldn't mind a product that was preserved as it would greatly increase the shelf life of the Lush cleansers...
Warning: Tangent/ elaboration! Currently I also have Dark Angels, which is a facial scrub that is too harsh to use every day, I use it about twice or three times a week. But the product is Best Before after only three months, so that's about 12 weeks. That equals around thirty six washes at most and you only need a tiny amount each time. So the product is going to go off long before it's even finished! Argh! That is so annoying and I actually feel like I've wasted my money when I see half a pot left over at the use by date.

I made sure I asked the Lush staff member about whether Let the Good Times Roll is suitable for everyday use before I purchased, and it is. It is even less exfoliating than Angels on Bare Skin, if you can imagine that, and for me this is a good thing. I feel like I am washing and polishing my face, rather than scrubbing it away.

The pot is filled with a few pieces of popcorn, which makes sense as this product shares the same scent as Popcorn Lip Scrub, which is also LE. (However I think Popcorn tastes really salty, and not in a good way) But the pieces of popcorn are pretty much just decoration rather than being part of the product you're paying for, and it's still really expensive. I thought they would be exfoliating, but honestly they just scratch your skin . It is not pleasant at all.

The product softens into a milky creamy texture with only a small amount of water and smooths on to your skin. I don't see quite as much product dropping into the skin or down the shower drain as much as AOBS, so that means more of it stays on your skin to be worked with.

So, the final verdict? I really do love this product. I am being very critical here, but that's because the product is really really good. I find this works for my dry/combination skin so well. I would recommend it if you are looking for a polishing cleanser to use daily.

Hope you enjoyed and found this review helpful. Please leave your responses in the comments below!

xxx Lilly


  1. It definitely sounds like a wonderful product :3 I really like Lush, but it's so expensive that I only rarely treat myself to something by them.

    1. It is very expensive. Sometimes I think 'how can they charge this amount for the product???' I think Lush treats are a fantastic idea. I love to use a bath bomb before a special event or a performance or exams and that sort of thing. They do help to 'wash away the blues'...