Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What is in my Bag? 2013

I thought I'd jump on the Bandwagon and complete a What's in my Bag post, as my inspiration for posts is a bit thin at the moment. Both Sary and The Green Fairy recently completed their 'What's in my bag' post as well. It's kind of silly of me, but I really love finding out what people carry around with them on a day to day basis. I think it really gives insight to themselves as a person and their personality.

I have an annoying habit of emptying out my bag after each day of being out and about or at class, so generally my bags are totally empty unless they're in use! Of course that's boring, I'm not going to take pictures of my empty bag, so here's a 'What I generally bring with me to each day of class/being out and about'.

- Wallet, keys, bottled water, train ticket and phone. These include my ID, Uni student/access card, bank card and my many coffee loyalty cards, money (when I'm not totally broke) and any receipts I haven't dealt with yet. I frequently bring bottled water with me as I tend to drink heaps of water each day, about three litres. Also, my flute playing each day is very dehydrating as well, so it's important for me to carry water around with me.

Here is some of the trinkets I cart around with me. Kindly note the ancient phone and .mp3 player.
-Diary, notebooks and text books, sheet music and other uni related books. My bag is mainly weighed up with many books, as I prefer to not take my laptop to school with me but I can't avoid taking notes (that would be unwise in my lectures on Chromaticism and Counterpoint Theory!). I also like to bring a book or novel to keep me occupied on long train rides or when I have a long lunch break and don't want to be studying...

-Pencil case with pens, HB and 2H pencils, a small Flash drive, a rubber and a sharpener. Again, this is obvious as I need to take notes, but I'm also constantly editing and making notes on scores and so I need quite a few writing materials on hand. All contained within a cute black fluffy pencil case! XD (from Smiggle a few years ago)

One of my notebooks, a folder for loose notes, my diary and current re-read, Poe

- Lip balm, eye shadow palette, perfume, compact brushes, mascara and eye liner  This tends to be what I bring to uni, if I'm going out somewhere a little less ho hum I'll bring some more make up but often I tend to keep things simple. If I want to wear foundation or BB cream I will apply that before I leave the house and not worry about touch ups. I also tend to pack one of my Lush solid perfumes with me, as they are not able to leak everywhere, a problem I've had with a few other bottles of liquid perfume in the past. They can melt in very hot weather though.

- My umbrella. Melbourne weather, in case you didn't know, seriously sucks. The phrase 'Four seasons in a day' is often quipped, paired with rolled eyes and a 'no longer funny' expression on many locals. The weather often changes three or more times in one day so if you don't have an umbrella you will most likely get soaked with rain. And no one likes that.
I actually have two umbrellas; one expensive one that is frilly, black with two white parallel stripes. It has plastic bamboo look for the handle. Of course I would like real bamboo, but that would probably not be quite as long lasting due to the water. I also have a small black compact umbrella that has a protective sheath (no laughing) keeping my books and other possessions dry when I want to put it away in my bag. This umbrella is smaller and cheaper than my other one, but is more suitable for everyday because I don't have to worry about it taking up my entire arm for a day.
Oh, and I recently purchased a lovely lacy black parasol from  Kirjoittannut Bella Vampira but sadly the weather of late has not been appropriate for such folly sun-related activities. XD
xxx Lilly


  1. Thanks for the mention! It seems we're both in the "no smart-phone club!" :3

    I used to take a compact to Uni everyday but accidentally smashed it on the ground. Grrr!

    1. That's so annoying! I can remember when my Manic Panic pressed powder smashed to the ground on a train platform. I had to just leave the mess there spilled on the ground looking oh so suss...

  2. Hi, just tagged you in a blog challenge, if you feel like participating.

  3. I usually don't even bother to bring any make-up with me x'D Too lazy for touch ups I guess :3 I do carry a book around me at all times though ^^

    1. Touch ups are the pits. Except for clear lip products I tend to avoid them too, because I don't like using small mirrors and can never find a decent sized one in the city with good lightning! Haha some of the bathrooms in Melbourne CBD are every kind of filthy, but I suppose that's just part of living in a major city.