Monday, May 27, 2013

My Self-Imposed Style 'Rules'

I don't actually believe that there is such thing as clothing rules that must not be broken, if they are you're a fashion failure type of thing. That silly. Anyone can wear whatever they choose to wear.
However, with this in mind I've noticed over the last few years I've began to develop certain ideals about what I do and do not like to wear, or wear in combination. This is just personal aesthetics and my own taste and should have no impact with anyone else's taste in clothing. It could be that these self-imposed restrictions   are actually limiting my ability to express myself through my clothes.
But, here we go.

- Only one set of stripes. If I'm wearing striped socks or stockings, I feel a bit silly if I also wear striped gloves or a striped shirt. I actually don't know why I feel this way. I think that it just looks too same-y or something. Oddly enough I'm a huge fan of those striped dresses; I don't feel that these are Stripe-Overload at all.

-No bare legs with short skirts. This is due to my very destructive sense of self and body image. I am (finally) confidant enough to show my legs under a short skirt, but only if I have a pair of opaque or lace tights as well.

-No hoodies/casual jackets with maxi skirts. I adore maxi skirts, long skirts and circle skirts. I tend to live in them, however I feel that casual slouchy and comfy jackets look foolish with these. I think it's because it's the concept of fullness with fullness in regards to the volume of clothing doesn't do it for me, which makes sense due to my  hourglass-ish shape. Also, I tend to think that maxi skirts have a touch of elegance to them, at least mine does, and the casual teemed with elegance just doesn't work for me.

There we go. Please tell me if you have strange style 'things' or choices that affect your outfits, or if you agree/disagree these are restrictive or allow for more structure within a wardrobe.

xxx Lilly


  1. I agree so much with the first and third. But I'm sure some people out their can pull it off wonderfully. :3

    My rules include things like:
    - Never mix Navy blue and black, it's terrible.
    - Don't wear leather on leather (unless shoes or something small, but certainly not a leather jacket over a leather skirt)
    - I also like to have something in my outfit fitted at all times. Mostly, because I'm small and most of my clothes make me look a lot larger and rectangular than I am.

    I also, don't wear stockings that aren't past a certain opaqueness, mostly because I've worn them so long that I wouldn't feel right or comfortable. :3

    1. I agree with all of yours too! Reading people's comments have made me realise how many more things I'm fussy about as well! I like having something fitted in my outfits too, but because I'm so well endowed in the chest size, I like some definition so I don't look like I'm dressed in a Great Pyramid costume.

  2. I agree with all yours haha :P

    I also never wear horizontal stripes because well makes me look even bigger. Never wear white unless I have to, try and avoid red as much as I can because it clashes with my hair. I know there's more but I can't think of them right now...

    1. Yup I pretty much agree with all of yours too! I avoid horizontal stripes expect for socks for the same reason. I don't need optical illusions to make myself feel bigger.
      Even with the green and red part, but my hair is only a little green so that isn't quite as noticeable! I only realised that yesterday when I was performing and had to wear 5% colour, so I wore red tights and had my hair in a bun. People actually had the nerve to say I was wearing 'Too many colours!'

    2. ... Red tights under black lace tights, I should add...

  3. I have a weird thing about showing my legs too. No good reason really. Just me being weird. I like long, flared skirts. I hate anything that looks like workwear to me. Also if I am wearing something I am not sure I really like and someone tells me how nice it looks, I usually hate it and throw it out. Usually those are things which look more 'normal'. Frills and Victoriana forever! :P

    1. I see, it took me a moment to realise what you meant. But some things that not entirely your style you're not really confidant about wearing? Please tell me if that's not what you meant! x

  4. No bare legs for me either...or at least very - very rarely. Also no matchy - matchy patterns, if I wear something stripey or dotted or checkered, or whatever pattern, the rest of my outfit must be simple and the same color. Hoodies with skirts is - any kind - is a big no for me. I also dislike long skirts with button up shirts or loose, flare tops: one flare piece - being either the skirt or the top - is enough. ^^ Or long skirts with jackets or coats longer, than waist - length and shorter, than ankle length...I'm so difficult about long skirts...:D

    Or flare flare or empire waist tops or tunics with flare pants, only if the waist line of the top is tight, like bat sleeves, for example...or no pencil skirts with boots...or leggings with skirts...but I don't mind dissonant colors, like green and blue or red and purple together...

    Anyway, sorry about the rant, but damn', there are so many things...:D

    1. I think my 'Stripes' issue extends to what you call Matchy Matchy with anything as well! Once I was just about to leave the house for uni (this was last year) and it was freezing so I quickly grabbed a scarf. I couldn't wear it though as it had a similar skull print to my skull patterned uni handbag!
      That was a cold day!

  5. Here are my personal rules:
    1.No bare legs with skirts (My mother always said either show bare arms or bare legs...never both. I just feel naked without tights if I wear a short skirt.)

    2. No gold jewelry...I just despise how gold looks with my skin tone.

    3. When wearing all black I choose a color to match with my jewelry.(If I choose blue bracelets I will wear blue eyeshadow.)

    4. When wearing a long coat wear tighter clothing. (I am short and I hate the look of drowning in clothing.)

    5. I like to match but not too matchy matchy. (If my shirt has yellow in it I wear yellow eyeshadow, and orange jewelry.)

    6. No flip flops with skirts. (Even in Summer I wear boots with my dresses.)

    7. I wear a nail color that will match with everything. (Black with silver sparkles or black and white crackle.)

    8. High waist pants. Ugh they make me feel like a grandma.

  6. I agree with your list :) I personally can't bring myself to dye my hair an unnatural colour because I have this rule against hair colour (if unnatural), not matching the rest of the outfit -- hence I would feel restricted when it comes to dressing~

    1. I feel the same every time I dye my hair a different unnatural colour! However, I tend to only dye sections of my hair so I try (really really hard) to not let it bother me/ cover up the dyed parts!