Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Hair Related mini post

Hello lovely ladies and fine gentlemen!

I realised I have not yet shared with you all a photo of my green hair!
In all honesty though, I am not the best at keeping my hair nicely maintained, so often my hair is faded to a shade of spearmint green or even back to the bleached straw-yellow! Ugh! Lets not even mention my roots that haven't been dyed since September last year...
After exams I aim to be more on top of my own Goth maintenance, including keeping hair dyed, rather than let things get to a state where I no longer revel in my own appearence. Also, I have decided it is time for a hair cut, as my lengths are now getting so long and dry it just isn't growing properly any more. I haven't cut my hair in about four years, so now really is the time...

Apologies for the derpy-ness and the complete lack of makeup (yep, totally natural except maybe some moisturiser), this was taken just after my hair was dyed and air dried. I dyed the under part of my hair so the upper section can cover it entirely if necessary. =D

xxx Lilly


  1. I like the hair, and I suppose dying just the underlayer is a good idea for jobs and such. It would be cool if you plait some of the green and black together to get plaits with some green strands, some black!

  2. I love the look of having multiple colours woven into plaits! Also, pinning hair into rolls or curls...! Here all I was doing was just holding up the hair... =S

  3. Hey! tagged you in the post thing that's been going around!

  4. ahh this is so pretty. I remember when I did my hair teal.