Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Corset Purchase
I am currently writing thins while completeing an assignment for uni at the moment, so you'll have to excuse me. =D
Life in general has been very hectic and crazy lately, with assignments pileing up and me getting quite sick during this winter. During the rare moments when I have been ill or swamped with work that needs completeing and could possibly take the time out to blog, I've been completely out of ideas, and in general I do enjoy writing semi-decent content for all of you lovelies to read.

As well as my study at the Conservatorium and everything that involves, I've certainly been more interested in exploring the side of my personality that enjoys going out clubbing, socialising and buying lots of pretty clothes and things. I tend to go in 'waves' if you like, where I'll be a hermit that stays at home, not dressing up at all and instead spending my spare time playing games, or where I'll be going out regularly and generally putting more time, money and efford in my appearence.

For example, about a week and a half ago, I purchased my first corset; a beautiful satin and brocade steel boned one by Dark Muse Corsettery. I am very much in love with it. XD
I've also been exploring more of a 'Trad' aesthetic in to my everyday and clubbing attire. I've always loved Trad Goth, Romantic Goth and Deathrock as visual aesthetics, but lately I've been exploring even more creative ways to express myself through these styles of clothing, and have been having lots of fun in the mean time.

I've been thinking that I would like to make this blog more personal, including photos and such, but I'm very tempted to remove all of my personal photos, as recently some of my photos were stolen and edited without my permission. The solution would be to edit some watermarks, but I don't have a piece of suitable photo editing software yet that would make that possible. If anyone has any suggestions, do let me know. I'd be ever so grateful. 0=D

In the mean time, I'll continue to post pretty pictues I've found on Tumblr. As always, I don't own these photos. If you are the owner and want them removed, please do not hesitate to contact me.
xxx Lilly


  1. I love these pics!!! I know how it is with uni, I'm in my final semester and it's insane! I think I will go mad soon!

    It sucks that people are taking your pictures. Are they at least doing nice things with them?

  2. ... Unfortunatly not in this case. My picture was taken and edited with a whiney babybat style comment and then published on to the Goth Confessions Tumblr without my knowledge nor consent. =( Made me so angry.

    xxx Lilly

    1. wow, that really sucks! Assholes! I used to live in fear that people would steal my photos, but not yet so far, thank goodness!

  3. That's awful! Did you complain to the admins?