Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spotlight on Klaire De Lys

Klaire de Lys has been one of my favourite YouTubers for quite some time now, for many reasons. Firstly, as with most of the YouTubers whom I follow, her videos are always high quality, both in content and definition, and this is important for me.
Klaire's technique and skill in make up and other fine arts is incredible. Her attention to detail is wonderful and every finished video is a work of art in itself. She posts both wearable and extreme make up videos, as well as art, DIY, giveaways and reviews. Klaire also has a second channel where she publishes videos on how she makes her props, art and other similar videos.

Here are some of my favourite videos by Klaire...

Her work with prosthetic make up is very creative and artistic, too!

Honestly, I could fill up an entire blog on how incredible this artist and YouTuber is, but instead I suggest you go and check her out yourself! Her website/blog can be found here...

xxx Lilly

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