Saturday, August 17, 2013

Practical Make up Tips: Part One

If you're interested in taking your make up skills from newbie or beginner into an accomplished and practised person or even an artisan, there are a few things I have learnt in my experience that will help you immensely.
For the record, I'm not a professional MUA, all my skills are self taught. I think I remember telling you all about my acceptance into Swinburne University to study Special Effects Make up Artistry, but I instead chose to study at the Melbourne Conservatorium. I had my audition to the Con and my group meeting for Swinburne both on the same day, the day after I moved house and all of that was so hectic I can barely remember what it was like, but still, for a short while I was thinking of making make up artistry a part time career if I wasn't successful with my audition, but thankfully I was! No regrets as to the path I chose! So anyway, make up now is more of a hobby for me, something that I still take quite seriously.

Here are practical tips that I have learnt in my personal experiences. I could just say 'Be inspired!' but honestly, while it is true that doesn't really help anyone, so I figured that I could offer some practical advice instead.

- Invest in some brushes. Good quality brushes are preferable but there is no need to spend $90 on one Kabuki brush (I have actually seen this on sale in Myer though...! Gah it is outrageous!) , but cheap poor quality brushes are awful and a waste of money, so in general get what you can comfortably afford. Personally my brand of choice is currently EcoTools. For some reason, those little sponges are thrown into every eyeshadow quad or palette, and they're not worth using in my opinion. Don't just throw them out though, as they can be used for stippling on glitter or even nail polish, but seriously, get a set of brushes. If you one could buy say, five brushes as a start, I would suggest you start with a powder brush, an eyeshadow brush, and angled eyeliner brush, a foundation brush and blending eyeshadow brush, and then build your collection from there. Unless you mistreat your brushes or don't wash them they will last a long time before needing to be replaced, so they can be a good investment if you buy quality brushes.

- Put on your liquid eyeliner with *both* eyes open! Yes this is possible! I do it frequently. If you want, I could do a tutorial on how I do it if that would make things easier, but honestly, you will find that your lines are cleaner, sharper and closer to the lash line if you put your eyeliner on with your eyes open. Also, it is easier to get a tapering line (that is, thicker in the outer corner, thinnest in the inner corner) if that is a look you like. I can put on my liquid eyeliner in only a few seconds. Also, if you still haven't gotten the technique down of having eyes open, just remember to NEVER pull at your eyelids to get a straight line. the skin around your eyes is very delicate and can break easily. You could also be causing sagging and wrinkles, and while I don't have a problem with looking your age, premature wrinkles are something I like to avoid.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this series, or if you have any questions about anything I've mentioned already! Let me know in the comment box below, or send me a message. Your feedback is always appreciated, and I try to respond to each and every comment I get on this blog! I love all my followers!

xxx Lilly


  1. I bought my makeup brushes at the art store. You can get a good sable brush there for $15 instead of $60. Exactly the same brush.

    1. While this does work when there is an art brush equivalent, e.g a fan brush or a pointed brush, you wouldn't be able to get a stippling foundation brush or a fluffy brush at a art store. Also, it pays to bare in mind that some art brushes, especially lower quality ones can shed, and the glue used in the ferule may not be safe for the eyes or other parts of the body. =)

  2. I'd never heard that eyeliner trick before! I'll definitely try that one next time. I wish I could apply eyeliner in only a few seconds! A tutorial would be very useful :)
    As for brushes, I own one of Nude By Nature's "Get the Nude Look 8 Piece Brush Kit", which includes most (if not all) of the brushes you mentioned as well as a case and eye pencil sharpener. The brushes are very soft and overall very good quality, with synthetic hairs. They've lasted me 12-18 months so far with no sign of wear and tear, and they were only $30! :)

    1. I shall intend to do a tutorial then! Yay! xxx