Monday, January 14, 2013

Things I Love

Similar again to Sary Walrus, a blogger whom I love, I have decided to keep this little series a 'when I feel like it' type thing rather than a weekly event, much like everything else I post lately.... =S

This post is a collection of things I love and things that put a smile on my face when I have been feeling down, which has been more often than not lately, so this series couldn't have come at a better time.
Also, naturally, this will be in no particular order and are all of equal importance.

Winter days- when the weather is at the perfect temperature and the air is misty

Hot coffee with milk- and no sugar. Yes, I like my coffee white.

Op shopping- Some of my favourite pieces are from second hand shops, and I get a lot of delight in searching through the racks to find some true gems.

My new puppy Chillie- A few weeks ago we brought a new addition to our family, an eight week old whippet. She is growing up so fast now! She can be a bit of a terror (in between finishing this dot point I had to clean up three individual puppy droppings... =S), and is still learning, but she is very sweet and loves people. There is something just so charming about when you come home in the afternoon and an animal of a different species runs through the house to greet you at the door...

Perfume- Perfume is such a love luxury for me. I find it is so enchanting, comforting and nostalgic. My favourite and guilty pleasure is Dior Addict.

Peppermint- My favourite sweet flavour, hence my internet-alias. XD

Sushi- My favourite food. I adore sushi so much. Each piece puts a smile on my face. =D

xxx Lilly


  1. Thanks for the mention. :3 I really hope you feel better though. I like my coffee's white too but with loooots of sugar!

  2. Absolutely! I love opshopping too!

    I know what you mean about pets, Isambard my steamparakeet has so quickly become a huge part of my life, I love to be with him as much as possible, even when he is naughty! He is sitting on my hand right now making me type with one hand.

  3. Oh puppies. They're the best. Unless they're pooping everywhere, or barking, or biting, or tearing shit up... which is usually most of the time.
    I got a new puppy recently too, his name is Nappa Peabody.

    Sushi is absolutely the best food.

  4. Sary, thanks for that. Yay for coffee fans! I do like syrup flavoured coffee, so I guess that counts as having sugar. It's flattering to know you read my blog, too btw. I love your blog XD! xx

    Laura, indeed, I used to keep my puppy on my lap while typing, but now she's too big! They grow so fast! xx

    Grace, haha I've had to clean up puppy poo, pee, hair and things she's destroyed! But she's the sweetest, so it's worth it! XD xx