Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Goth Challenge 2013- Parts 3 and 4

 Presenting the second edition of the 2013 Goth Challenge. =)

  •   What my own Goth lifestyle is like 
 My lifestyle tends to consist of university (although currently I'm on holidays),
down time/relaxing, going out to clubs or other evening activities such as cabarets and bars, occasionally attending meet ups and such, spending time on the internet and going to parties. I pretty much wear Goth clothing each day, and days where I go out in public I tend to be well dressed. I also go to concerts and recitals regularly, and tend to wear formal-ish Gothy attire to these events as well. I spend LOTS of time doing makeup and dying my hair, so I guess that counts. While I'm perfectly ok to leave the house with nothing but a thing smudge of black pencil, I do like using makeup and using different colours. My eyes are one feature that do tend to be expressed with many bright colours.
 I think that there isn't a moment in my life that isn't a Goth lifestyle thing, because it is my life after all. XD I'll probably explain this in more detail soon.

  •  Favorite thing to put on my head

Apart from makeup???
I like putting synthetic extensions and ribbons in my hair, and wearing jewellery, but to be honest I don't like having my hair overly covered, so I don't wear hats or similar things.

xxx Lilly

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