Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A rather hasty update

I'm suprised that I'm still getting hits on my blog, as my posts have almost ground to a hault. The reason, suprising, is that I'm fully commenced into my Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University. The amount of work is greater than at highschool, and there are different expectations regarding our learning that take some getting used too. I'm keeping my head above water at the least. Also, I've been getting more ill lately, and that, I believe, is due to the large amounts of stress due to change, and the wonderful Melbourne weather that we all love and predict. =/

I thought I'd share one of my current favourite songs, from the soon to be released film The Devil's Carnival. I only saw Repo! last weekend, but I've been looking forward to this film since I saw that snoozeathon of a teaser trailer. That footage isn't in the film, FYI, but this one is I assume. =)

While there's many things I like to fix in her voice, I love the atmosphere of this song and the relationship created between the charachers.

Oh and here's a cool little anecdote; Last week in concert class, a girl performed a Rachmaninoff concerto in C minor from memory with orchestral piano. She played for about 30 mins straight and even broke a string on the Steinway!!! It was so incredible.
Anyway, goodnight all, and please comment about what you'd like to see from this blog in the future. I'll make it happen!
xxx Lilly

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