Monday, August 2, 2010


Ok, so after waiting for a short time, I decided to launch straight into some REAL posts. Music is a good place to start, because it's something I love. It's something everyone has some connection to, regardless of what particular genre or kind. Also, being a musician, I think I like music that similar minded musicians would also like or be able to relate to.
So, to being with... as you know, I am a musician. I play flute and piano, but not exclusively. I dabble in quite a few other instruments, but I don't take them seriously. Basically, violin, recorded, whistle, cello, viola, tenor saxophone and bass guitar have all been in my musical life at some stage. And, when I say I don't take them seriously, I don't mean that I consider them to be lesser instruments. The opposite, in fact. I feel that I wouldn't be able to put in the required effort and time to be able to seriously commit to more at the moment. I also sing a fair bit. In short, I'm a classical musician, but the music I play in no way reflects what I listen to. Of course, there is crossover, but not to a large extent.
The genres of music I CURRENTLY listen to are dark cabaret, steampunk, etheral, ambient, goth rock, gothic metal, symphonic metal... and quite a few more. This list is ever growing and changing depending on what mood I am in and what bands I have discovered.
Almost all of the musicians I listen to I have discovered via YouTube, so I must humbly thank it for being so incredibly awesome. Thankyou!!!

The musicians/ bands that I currently LOVE are (btw, it takes a fair amount for me to love some music, so this list has been composed very carefully. XD)
Voltaire- The alive one. Simply, I love his humour, and pretty much everything about his music. He would probably be my biggest music influence at the moment.
Emilie Autumn- Another one of my absolute favourites. I am proud to say that I am a PLAGUE RAT and am only too happy to spread the plague.
Dr Steel- I haven't been around his music for quite as long as the others, but he is awesome. Dr Steel for World Emperor!!!
Creature Feature- again, they have a sick sense of humour and an awesome sound.
Arcana- Neo- classical. They are so beautiful.
Diablo Swing Orchestra- Progressive metal with SWING! Is it not awesome??? These people are incredible. Their metal is actually dance-able!
Nightwish- Symphonic metal. They're pretty popular so I wouldn't be surprised if you've heard of them. However, I prefer the older singer...

That's all I can think of

Listening to
Voltaire- Hello Cruel World

The Humble Beginings...

As my first post in this Blog, I feel that it is somewhat necessary to introduce myself. On the internet, I call myself The Gothic Lilly, or just Lilly. Of course, it isn't my real name, but it's based on my middle name, which is good enough.The advantage of this means that I can retain a certain amount of anonimity and don't have to be so careful about what I write. XD
I used to write on a site for girls called Piczo. (I know that some guys do use it, but the overload of pink and flowers makes me think that it is designed with girls in mind.) The site, apparantly, was popular a few years ago, but I only got it earlier this year. For awhile, things were great, but recently there has almost been no activity on there. So I decided it was time for a change.
(Here in case you were wondering )

Basically, there I used to crap on about Goth, the subculture and what it means to me ect. If you don't have anything remotely interesting or positive to say about it, I suggest that you don't say anything at all. I don't want to waste my valuable life with losers who think they have a right to insult others for no reason.

Also, in case you couldn't already tell, I can't write any HTML, so please, bare with me... I shall do my best with the tools that I have.

Listening to
A Gorey Demise- Creature Feature

xxx Lilly