Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Happenings

Hi everyone, and I hope all of your respective End and Start of year celebrations were festive and not too stressful! Sorry I've again been neglecting this blog. My fault there. I had some busy family time over Christmas and then spent the New Year's Eve week at my boyfriend's dad's house with no internet (we were house-sitting). In interesting news, I've finally been converted to the smart-phone world. My dear mother bought me an LG smart phone for Christmas as an upgrade from my brick phone  that I got second hand when I was fourteen (almost seven years ago). I am slowly getting used to it, despite many accidental calls to people and mild panic attacks when I can't figure out how to hang up...! Things can get slightly awkward there...

For New Years Eve my boyfriend and I did the same thing as last year. With a friend we went and watched the (Interactive) Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Astor. I must say, it is so much fun so see people singing along and throwing rice around and everything. If you a fan of the film or the stage show at all I really do encourage you to go to an interactive screening. It adds so much to the experience. Then afterwards we shared some wine and watched the fireworks over the city.
I'll carefully steer around telling you all about our experiences trying to get back home after midnight. Let's just say that they were unpleasant....

Any way, I hope you all have had or are still having an enjoyable and restful break.

Until next time,
xxx Lilly

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