Monday, September 23, 2013

Terraria 1.2

Most of the gaming community both online and in Real Life have been anxiously waiting for the release of GTAV. Not me...
Instead I've been patiently waiting for the release of Terraria 1.2, which a new update/overhaul being released on PC on the 1st of October. This new update is so detailed it is almost like a Terraria II!
If you've never seen Terraria before, it is essentially a sandbox crafting game in 2D pixels with lots of enemies, loot, bosses and craftables so you can dig, mine, chop and build your little heart out. The game was inspired by Minecraft, but IMHO Terraria is better. That's just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to one.

Even before the new update, the game is incredibly detailed. The Terraria Wiki is full of interesting information with some spoilers obviously (please ignore the comment section though; it's just full of arrogant n00bs), and really helped me out when I was a newbie to the game (that was a few years ago mind you)...

You can see the trailer below, and the official Terraria YouTube is here.

It looks fantastic. I love the dragon statue that is built, and I am so excited for the bee and ice biomes...
If you're interested, below is also a new Music Spoiler, and it really sounds so fantastic!

If you've never played Terraria before, that is no reason to disregard the update or the game as a whole. I am sure that the updated game will be just as user-friendly (although much much harder XD Yay!).
Now, this is a special release for a few reasons. The update is being made solely by one person, out of the goodness of his heart, for free. That's right, if you've purchased the original game you legally will be able to play 1.2 without a worry. And that is so exciting. Built by a tester
The official Facebook page is found here.
Another great (Not Official) YouTube channel is ChippyGaming. He has found all of the spoiler images of 1.2 so far and essentially nutted out all of the potential changes/ additions in the game. That is actually an incredible amount of work, as sometimes it's difficult to understand what a 12 pixel object is actually meant to be when seen only on a low-res Facebook photo...

I've been tempted to write a rant/post about my dissatisfaction with the Terraria Fan community for some time now, but I think for the moment I'll just prefer to focus on the positives.

Oh, and sorry for the belated blog post. Uni has been every colour of crazy lately. I still have mammoth loads of assignments to finish, not to mention all of the reading and exam preparation I still need to do. Hope you understand. All my love,

xxx Lilly


  1. Haha you're first two lines...I was like YES! Haha I couldn't give two shits about GTV

    1. Exactly, although don't tell James... *eyes dart back and forth*

  2. I've seen Terraria played and it looked really cool! I've haven't had a chance to play it myself though. I'll have to change that.

    1. Yes you should! If you like that sort of game of course. I like the blend of open-ended construction and guided battle (I.e working towards a goal.) x

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  4. Wow, I just discovered your blog (amazing by the way) and now I must go look up Terraria. It looks soooo cool! ...
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