Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Voltaire on Saturday night

I've already posted about the Voltaire show in Melbourne. That show has now been, and it was one of the best live, 1 person shows I have seen, and there have been many of those.
Voltaire is my favourite song writer, and my favourite 'non-classical' musician/ composer. (How very un-musical of me to say that... =P), so I may be a bit biased when I talk about the quality of the performance.
I saw the show with the Green Fairy from If I Only Were a Goth and Kitty Lovett from Bloggery of a Gothcat and her boyfriend, and saw many other friends there as well.
Despite the heat, (It was a cool summer day, so we had all rugged up a fair bit. The problem was the show was in a sunken part of the bar and the temperature was about 10* warmer, at least...) he was incredibly energetic, humorous and natural on stage.
I purchased three CDs beforehand, which was a good idea as one sold out in mere minutes afterwards, as well as a Deady 'Not Bootleg' toy. I got them signed, and that resulted in one being crotch-rubbed from the influence of a friend (I didn't complain, mind you XD). Apparantly, that CD needed to be buffed before writing...
Rouge Fonce opened the show. They're a Melbourne dark carabet gothic rock band. I wasn't too crazy about their music, but they played a few songs that I loved. They were also high energy, and I felt that they were a fitting, if not somewhat contrasting, beginning to the evening.

After the show, Voltaire stayed out in the bar for hours, signing CDs, having photos taken and talking to fans. He only disappeared for a few minutes to change clothes, which really is one of the reasons he is my favourite. Many rock stars avoid their fans and spend time after the show backstage, but Voltaire was interacting with his fans and generally making them feel more appreciated.
Of course, we asked for photos, and he obliged us all.

Photo by Kitty from Bloggery of a Gothcat
While in the photo I look rather uncomfortable, I am most certainly not. (Maybe freaking out slightly...) Just after the photo, he commented I 'smelt really good, like good enough to eat', which was followed by a rather awkward referenece to him being a creepy old man. I didn't exactly think it was creepy, but it was certainly unexpected. =)
I didn't want to tell him I was wearing a men's perfume at that point... XD

After some time of chatting to people and drinking (red wine in my case), we said goodbye. He hugged each of us, followed by some rather, ahem, interesting behaviour regarding Shaun and Steph (seperatly), and kissed on each of our cheeks. Then we left the venue. It was a fantastic night, and I encourage everyone who has the opporturninty to see him live. While his recordings are so good, Voltaire comes alive as a performer. Also, the person he is on stage and in recordings is the person he is off stage. There's no change or contrast to his personality or actions, which is so good to see.

xxx Lilly

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