Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 16

Day 16- What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Wow, firstly, I appologise for my silence of late. Year 12 has really gotten hectic and I really haven't had a spare moment to write something decent. Unitl this evening, that is, because earlier today I completed my last SAC for the term. (When I came back to end this post, that SAC now has to be re- sat by the class... Grrr it is STILL not over!!!!)

Anyway, I tend to dress with more of a minimilistic/ casual approach to Goth. I wear plain cotton shirts and skirts. Nothing too fancy or expensive. The most casual I have ever dressed would be when I went to school with my trench, skirt and long sleeved top on. It was freezing and I thought I would need some extra warmth, so I threw a plain black hoodie that I wore to bed in my school bag. I did need it, but I was reluctant to wear a hoodie out in public. Eventually I had to give in and wear the darn thing, but I felt so out of place.

Despite the fact that I generally have more of a low- key thing going on with minimalistic touches, I am very vain and won't leave the house in anything less that a proper skirt and a trench coat or shirt. Also, rarely is there ever a day where I don't wear some sort of makeup. Often it will just be a smudge of eyeliner and some mascara, because really, who can be bothered getting up at 6am to do makeup before a 8:15am Methods class. Not me, that's for sure.

Undoubtably, the day that I have those horrendous 8:15am classes (Tuesday and Friday) I tend to be at my most casual, only because I run out of time before I must drain my cup of tea and race out the door. In no way am I a morning person, and I have a tendancy to sacrifice makeup and hair time for more sleep.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Theatre of the Nameless

If any of you have been following the YouTube or blog of the makeup company Illamasqua, you'll already be awear of this,but I was so inspired by it, I felt I had to share it with you.

This is the promotional video for Illamasqua's new makeup collection, inspired by the indulgent, illicit 1920's.
I personally have never tried an Illamasqua product, but I've heard so many reviews and raves about the product, but many artists swear by the products.

All of the promotional videos for their collections have a decidedly Gothic touch and this resonates to the colours in the collection.

I was inspired by this makeup that conjours images of sexy, yet empowered females and males performing on stage is a smoky vauderville bar or club, a la La Moulin Rouge, but with a hint of fantasy and the blurring of eras. (The nightclub, not the film, althought the costumes and makeup are very inspiring.)

This is a promotional picture from Makeup Forever's Limited Edition makeup collection, that was created as a result of a collaboration between the company's designer and the head of the Moulin Rogue, and I must say, this is hot!

xxx Lilly