Thursday, June 21, 2012

Absurdity in the Mundane

Something that has continued to facinate me for many years through my art and writing is the concept that something extrodinary can be found in the ordinary, or the everyday.
Whether this is visible, such as the living candelabra Lumiere from the Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Actually, the whole movie really is an example of this fantastic concept, where all of the objects are animated, lively and display human characteristics.
It can also be expressed on a more subtle level, where the extrodinary elements are not visible on the surface, such as the locket in Harry Potter. (No spoliers here! XD) Such objects appears to be commonplace, yet contain magical and enticing secrets. Another great Disney example is Aladdin, where I quote 'the diamond in the rough', is used quite liberally. It also happens to be my favourite. =D

I feel that this mentatlity really manifests in my clothing style and just general interest. I think that, even though a simple pendant necklace for example really is just a hunk of metal shaped into an object, and probably bought for $10 off a lovely Asian lady at a market, we can pretend that it was stolen off the neck of a wizard in the heat of battle three hundred years ago, or passed down from teacher to student through the study of pyromancy. I'm really just coming up with ideas here but the point is that anything really has the potential to have some sort of mystery or deeper meaning, wheter it actually does or not is beside the point!
Further more, like work of art or a song, each individual can bring their own interpretation to an article, wheter it be expressed or not, creating a whole web of stories for you to indulge in.
If anyone has taken a look over on my Tumblr where I post pictures, you'll see this idea a lot, as well as lots of other pretty pretty pictures here.

In my drawing I tend to draw objects such as lampshades, chairs and tea cups and render them using highlighters, markers and lots of contrasting black over fluroescent colour. Often they are paired with extra limbs, severed heads and other deliciously macarbe imagery such as weapons. I do have quite a black sense of delight through my drawings.
Other good examples that I can think of are Alice in Wonderland (Almost all renditions of this classic story are good), work by Tim Burton, The Addams Family, Mary Poppins, any LARP type game I believe, the Borrowers, and plenty more. I appologise for the significant amount of spooky examples; I can only provide examples that I have seen before. XD

 Please share your thoughts and any other examples. I would love to hear some feedback.

xxxx Lilly

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to Blogging

Wow, I really have taken my sweet time lately. Since my last post, many months ago, I've bought a new laptop (way back in March) and completed my first semester of my degree and the University of Melbourne. Also, I've about three months ago, I once again became romantically involved and things are looking very lovely in that regard. My university work has been very draining and I've returned home each day almost completely exhausted. However, for the most part I've found it to be very engaging and interesting, and I think it really is something I can see myself doing as a career.
Now, I'm on holidays, and should be spending some time out of state and just generally 'not doing uni work'. By the way, writing while watching the Simpsons really is fantastic. XD

A few months ago, I also found one of my photos stolen and edited without my permission, so I'm going to be rather disinclined to post more personal photos. However, in leiu of posting proper blog posts, I've recently edited my Tumblr and have been posting pictures daily there. While there is no text, it is certainly a very personal blog of mine and I'd love people to look at it and give me some feedback.

xxx Lilly